Важно: Блог перепродавался тридцать четыре с половиной раза. Хозяева, авторы и люди имевшие доступ к акку менялись ещё чаще.

Кто я? И сам не помню!


02.08.2017 15:04

Дон Педро
Сам по себе высокий холестерин не является причиной атеросклероза. Атеросклероз сосудов возникает в силу системного воспаления в организме, а холестерин играет роль "клея", которыми он выстилает прохудившиеся сосуды. Статины не борются с причиной воспаления, они просто снижают уровень холестерина (который нужен для работы многих систем). Продлевают жизнь, несомненно, но не решают проблему и имеют побочные эффекты. Все стиле современного человека и его потребностей: он никогда не начнет сам разбираться, как изменить свою диету (в частности, убрать сахар как одну из главных причин воспаления) и образ жизни, чтобы избавиться от атеросклероза, а лучше будет принимать пилюльки, которые продлят лет на 10 его жизнь...

04.08.2017 13:12

Дон Джованни
Статины - это препараты, которые блокируют в печени выработку особого фермента, участвующего в образовании холестерина. В итоге понижается выработка не только холестерина, но и многих биологически активных веществ, в том числе иммунных белков, которые защищают организм от онкологии. Функция печени страдает колоссально! Ведь она уже и так от застоя желчи мучается, а её ещё статинами добивают. В тяжёлых случаях возможно даже развитие цирроза печени. Поэтому статины нужно назначать только в крайних случаях и наблюдать за состоянием печени. Если биохимические анализы крови ухудшаются, статины надо срочно отменять.

Хоть кто-то читает Томаса Манна без помоев в голове...


TM exceeded in the extreme describing what was necessary (unnecessary) to establish the environment in which AL grew up and that influenced his life. Some say that TM interwove music, philosophy, theology and politics into the Faust legend. I disagree. Instead, TM left the story altogether to discuss these issues only to return to it many boring pages, or chapters, later. Regardless, what was clear in all of the side stories was that by all outward appearances, AL showed little interest in anything yet, all the while, he was absorbing everything to emense depth; a genius of sorts who was resented by his teachers for the ease with which he grasped everything. Nevertheless, they recognized this genius and cautioned him to give credit where it was due - to God - and to be on guard against "He who would corrupt" & have him believe otherwise (perhaps this is the first hint of the Faust legend). Even AL recognized that he had grasped everything too easily for any of it to win his respect leaving him feeling like a lost soul without warmth. Including music. He was not interested in the beauty of music or any pleasure that it might bring the listener. Instead, he was interested in the mechanics and the mathematical purity of it, all the while falling deeper and deeper under its spell. It is not until Chapter 25, 226 pgs. into a 500+ pg. novel, that it is recounted of his encounter with "a Mephistopheles". The following line is telling: "But see Him I have, at last, at last!". It is clear that, by AL declaring himself to be German, TM is taking a jab at Germany at the time the novel was written. TM also suggests a relationship between madness and creativity (for which I believe there is some truth) by having AL suffer migraines and contract syphilis. The syphilis, i.e. the "illumination" or aphrodisiac of the brain, was ostensibly arranged by "Him". Then through an incredibly boring series of chapters, TM informs us that AL's music has taken on demonic sounds. I thought that Faust was supposed to achieve greatness. Yet it is not until 400 pgs into the novel that we get a hint that AL's work is beginning to receive acclaim. Was not this the whole point of the pact with the Devil? Moreover, TM's attemts to explain how the narrator knew what was said in conversations that he was not present at bordered on the absurd. The story does not begin to pick up until Chapter 41, 444 pgs. into the novel, when AL announces his love for Marie, a clear violation of his pact with Mephistopheles, and the death of the child Nepomuk who suddenly dies without any buildup but for whom AL grieves. The attempt to suddenly recast AL as a loving, caring man after a lifetime of coldness seemed forced. Considering the unnecessary detail given to other characters, it is odd that Nepomuk came and went in the story so fast, as if TM wanted to get the novel over with. TM does describe the child as writhing in pain, giving his face a look "as though he were possessed" - a cheap shot at trying to keep the Satanic theme alive. If anyone was writhing in pain, it was me as I slugged my way through this incredibly boring novel. Bottom line: If you are interested in reading about the Faust legend, don't start here.


Has this world gone insane? Are you all mad? Is it madness or are your deeds making me feel it is a crazy world? People are blowing each other up, presidents are blatantly lying in people's faces and getting their vote, ministries are making war and being called Ministry Of Defense, companies are polluting the planet and getting richer and on and on and on.

Here comes a sequel for a classic of cinema that is currently rated higher than its original. The professional critics dutifully according it superlative reviews is not a surprise. The weekly release of a new Marvel movie gets the usual high reviews from this bunch, which tells me they are on the take. How does one explain the 10/10 perfect reviews on IMDb? Do these reviewers actually believe this is the absolute immaculate and perfect film with nothing in it that could be improved in any way?? I would accept this world as a more sane place if you tell me this is a case of fake shill reviews paid for by the studio (as happened with Star Wars The Force Awakens and others). That I would believe and (sadly) understand. Otherwise, is there someone who really thinks this sequel is better than the original and is perfect?? This film deserves 2/10 for its images and graphics and not much else. The women are eye candies for sure so add another point, but otherwise the inferior music that goes off for no reason, the non-ending that is surely an attempt to set up more sequels and inane dialogue are a shame to the name Blade Runner.

Were the makers able to get away with using the name because Philip K Dick has died and cannot stop them?

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